Off the beaten path

  • Haunted Florence
      With a history stretching all the way back to ancient Rome, Florence has to have a ghost story or two to tell. This walking tour, which can also be offered in the evening, showcases the spookier side of the city.
  • The Black Death of 1348:
      Florentine poet Giovanni Bocaccio wrote that the Black Death of 1348 caused brother to forsake brother, husband to forsake wife, and mother to forsake child. Indeed, the deadliest plague to ever hit Europe profoundly affected Florentine society. This tour offers visitors a chance to step back into 14th century Florence and visit many of the key sites related to this catastrophic event.
  • Scientific Florence:
      During the 16th through 18th centuries, the ducal courts of the Medici and Habsburg-Lorraines fostered the development of scientific discovery in Florence. Visit the museums of Galileo Galilei and La Specola and learn about Florence’s contributions to the early modern scientific community.