Villas and Gardens

Boboli Gardens: Half DayBoboli_Forcone

  • Situated just behind the Pitti Palace, the famed Giardino di Boboli once served as the private gardens for the Medici family. Visitors can admire the numerous sculptures, fountains, and grottos — not to mention acres of natural beauty — just as the Medici did nearly 500 years ago. Visit also includes a tour of the Costume Gallery, the Silver Museum, and the Porcellain Museum.

The Medici Villas of Petraia and Castello: Half Day

  • Spend a morning or afternoon exploring two of the country homes of the Medici family. Both villas features lush gardens as well as 16thVilla Petraia -century sculptures by court artists Bartolomeo Ammannati and Niccolò Tribolo.